Meeting & Signing · Amandine Urruty

The Bookshop is delighted to welcome Amandine Urruty on Saturday 10 June from 3pm to 6pm for a signing session for her monograph ‘Made in the Dark’, published by Cernunnos. To mark the occasion, we’ve collaborated with the artist to produce a series of t-shirts that will be on sale exclusively at BOOKSHOP. Hurry, there won’t be enough for everyone!


Amandine Urruty was born in 1982 and lives and works in Paris. After spending an uneventful childhood, escaping boredom by going to the pony club on Wednesday afternoons and studying Edika’s drawings, Amandine Urruty left home to study Fine Arts in Toulouse, where she rubbed shoulders with various local cursed artists. A decade later, for obscure reasons, she interrupted a promising career as a singer, and decided to devote herself, not without a certain candour, to her first love, animal painting and the representation of callipyge nudes on various supports: leaflets, monumental canvases, the body of a French pop star…

Armed with a solid pencil technique, she drew her inspiration from the paintings of Jérôme Bosch and the New Detective, mixing in her wake lovers of alchemical symbolism and (slightly) vulgar, buxom teenagers. The result is a baroque work that performs a balancing act on the border between the noblest elegance and the crassest vulgarity, like an unlikely meeting between the Muppet Show and the fantastic Middle Ages.


“All Amandine Urruty’s drawings are spells. They are there to ward off the nightmare of reality. There hasn’t been any difference between reality and fantasy for a long time now. All the stories we used to tell ourselves to frighten ourselves have become true.” Pacome Thiellement