On the occasion of his participation in the exhibition “Veni, Vidi, Vinci” on Fluctuart, Le Grand Jeu is pleased to welcome the Italian artist Ozmo for a signing meeting around his book “Ozmo, 1998-2018”.

From graffiti to street art, from galleries to museums, Ozmo’s work is an example of what artists have experienced who have found in the street and in its rules the codes of a form of artistic expression that has become conscious and recognizable over time.

Ozmo 1998-2018 tells the evolution of the artist, a generation of artists and the history of the avant-garde. Halfway between an elegant and thoughtful journey through the images and a technical tool to correct and make in depth the work of the artist, Ozmo 1998-2018 is accompanied by 5 critical texts that retrace 5 different themes identified by curator Francesca Holsenn in order to immerse the reader in her work. It is a real collector’s item, can be used as a reference and has a strong aesthetic impact.The greatness of Ozmo’s muralism work naturally creeps into full frame double pages capable of giving almost totally the same vertigo as you feel when you enjoy live works. The archival work and the research of the material have also led to the publication of images that take us into the artist’s studio in various temporal contexts, giving unprecedented and intimate moments of his work but not only!

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