Book Signing & Print│Jaëraymie

Le Grand Jeu is pleased to welcome Jaeraymie for a signing session for his book “De l’usage des expressions idiomatiques” which illustrates his work published by the YAM – Young Artists Montmartre. It will also be the occasion for the launch of the print made with Arthur Vlog Street Art.


Street Parisian artist, born in Paris in 1986.Jaëraymie is a self-taught artist who started practicing urban art in 2016. He intervenes in the public space to surprise passers-by, make them react to a news item, transmit an emotion or simply make them smile. Oscillating between lightness and gravity in the subjects he tackles, he is never aggressive or peremptory. Many of his works provide a singular, biased, ironic and paradoxical view of our society. “Idiomatic Expressions” is his most recent series. During one year, he produced more than sixty works in the streets of Paris and the provinces for which passers-by had to have fun finding the corresponding expressions, a real game on a large scale. For Jaëraymie it is also an opportunity to appreciate and question this “immaterial knowledge”. He defines idiomatic expressions as “elegant linguistic ornaments, they are unnecessary, functional, efficient, and at this point they can even appear dated, in an era where efficiency is the key word. However, they are that superfluous thing that gives a language its specificity, originality and charm, among other things”

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