DJ SET │Sebka

SEBKA invites itself on Fluctuart and it is here to participate ! 

Lulled by the golden age of Hip-hop in the 90s, he discovers the influences of this music through sampling, allowing him to awaken his musical sensibility and appreciate the soul and funk sounds of the 70s. In parallel with Hip-hop, he discovers the boom of house music and as electronics develop in hip hop, he began to listen to this music and retrace his history which allowed him to return to the fundamentals and discover disco.

Growing collection and quality sets, he begins his activity as a dj by organizing private evenings in Parisian apartments and was resident for his «groove sessions» evenings in various bars and small clubs of the capital: La Karambole, Le B58, La Bellevilloise, Le Batofar, Le Café Charbon, Le Badaboum, Le Grand Bleu… He also won the «Lab Festival 2019», a DJ competition held in Paris whose final was played at YOYO.

He is also a resident of the «Grabuge» evenings at the Officine 2.0 where he takes care of the ambiancer of the Disco room and continues to walk the Parisian places (Panic Room, Les 4 Eléments, La Folie Paris…) in order to promote underground music in all its forms and bring together a maximum of people attracted by musical diversity and sharp.