About Astro

Astro started his graffiti career in 2000 in the northern suburbs of Paris. Initially focusing on lettering and wildstyle, this passionate self-taught artist has since developed his skills and techniques into an abstract art form combining curves, calligraphy and dynamic shapes. Astro has created his own universe, exploiting the subtlety of light and shadow, the strength of colour and the perspective of depth. At ease on large formats, on the walls on which he inscribes his art in the heart of the city, this muralist also enjoys working in the studio. With his characteristic spontaneous and impulsive style, Astro deceives the viewer’s eye by distorting the flatness of facades and canvases, creating impressive optical illusions. His breath of fresh air and originality have made Astro a key street-art artist, as evidenced by his presence at numerous international festivals.

About the book

Entitled ‘DIMENSIONS’, this monograph looks back over the artist’s twenty-year career, which has included graffiti, monumental frescoes, oil paintings and, more recently, sculptures. A limited edition boxed set featuring a small-format sculpture by Astro will accompany the book’s release.
This bilingual English-French edition has been produced with the support of the Popa Optical Art Museum. 500 copies of the 256-page monograph have been printed, with text by Cyrille Gouyette.