Launch│Nouveau print d’Alëxone Dizac

Le Grand Jeu is pleased to welcome Arthur Vlog Street Art and Alëxone Dizac on Saturday, February 1st from 5pm for the launch of a risography that celebrates the wall made by the artist at the Hospital Necker Enfants Malades in front of the greatest Keith Haring in Europe.

arthur B. is the creator of the video documentary series “Unmasked” on urban art that he broadcasts on his Instagram @arthur_vlog_streetart .
In 2019 he directed an episode on Alëxone Dizac (Alëxone is not penguin like his penguins). A friendship is born then and will strengthen when Arthur is commissioned by the Hospital Necker Sick Children, a few months later, to realize a vast wall 50 meters long in his compound, in front of the greatest Keith Haring of Europe, and that he proposes Alëxone as a matter of course. After 3 weeks of work, a beautiful farandole of the funny and fantasy characters on turquoise background was born.

It is to celebrate the accomplishment of this beautiful adventure that Arthur proposed to Alëxone to carry out a risography reproducing the universe unfolded on this fresco.And because Alëxone would not be Alëxone without his taste of refinement and detail, he has produced in addition to the standard edition published 80 copies, 30 copies hand-enhanced… With invisible UV ink, appearing in transparency and fluorescence only under a UV lamp! Each copy is therefore completely unique, and fantasmagoric.