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Meet Andrian Franklin on February 21 on Fluctuart and discover his new book “Anti-museum”.

The book

Anti-Museum traces the evolution of the anti-museum as a concept and as it was realized in practice. Based on 5 case studies: the New Museum [and PS1] in New York, Mona in Australia, Art42 in Paris; Donald Judd’s book in Marfa, Texas, and the Collection of Art Brut, in Lausanne, Switzerland, assess their scope to reverse the objectives and practices of conventional art museums and their potential to involve public museums in new ways.

It shows how these Anti-museums seek to infuse a relational and theatrical vitality in the objects they exhibit, connecting them to the contexts of their realization, to their social life outside the museum, to the lives of visitors through their transformative capacities of change and to be a place of dialogue, exchange and transformation, rather than teaching. The attempt to animate, not enlighten; change rather than improve; they hoped that people would be lost rather than “saved”.

The autor
Adrian Franklin, sociologist and anthropologist whose work has focused on a wide range of cultural fields, including art and art museums, design, collection, cities, festivals and travel/mobility. Recent books include Anti-museum (Routledge);The Making of Mona (Penguin); Urban Life (Wise); Retro: A Guide to Mid-20th Century Design Renewal (Bloomsbury). He has published more than 100 journal articles and book chapters.

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