Sunny Sunday

Save the date! The first of the ‘Sunny Sunday’ season opens on Sunday 12 May from 6pm to 2am on the Fluctuart. Smiling people, happy electro, and flowing rosé will set the sun on the deck of the boat with the Grand Palais as a witness. Dj Eric Tcheckoff will have the freshwater sailors swaying.

Free guided tours

Discover Fluctuart differently by following a visit to the exhibitions : an essential moment to learn more about urban art. Free guided tours everyday at 12:30 a.m., 2:30 p.m., 4:30pm and 6:30 p.m. No visits at 2:30 on Sundays. For group visits please write an email to visite@fluctuart.fr

Permanent exhibition

BANKSY│C215│CLET│JACE│MAXIME DROUET│MARK JENKINS│MISS TIC│BRUSK│RERO│SHEPARD FAIREY│VHILS│ZEVS│JR│LUDO│DRAN│KNOW HOPE│JEF AEROSOL│ From graffiti to street art, from young emerging artists to historical pioneers, discover the permanent collection of urban art, located on the main deck of the building. The permanent exhibition presents a crossed vision of the various techniques and approaches of urban art through emblematic and original works

In situ works

In order to explore all the facets of urban art, Fluctuart will host, in addition to its permanent collection and its temporary exhibitions, in situ installations. Artists are invited to create works that play with the building, making sense of the architectural identity of the place. Inspired by this atypical space, they fully invest Fluctuart,


Exclusive evenings at Fluctuart every Friday and Saturday! Get ready for 5 hours of non-stop partying on Fluctuart! Whether you’re with friends, a couple or solo, this is the night for you if you love good vibes, elegance and partying. 🌟 Two Spaces: ROOFTOP and DANCEFLOOR Change the atmosphere to suit your mood – Rooftop