Banksy struck again

On July 14th, the mysterious Banksy published a video on his Instagram account of his last intervention in the London Underground. Masked and in overalls, the artist poses as a train cleaner to apply his stencils.

While the coronavirus is still alive and well, Banksy campaigns for the wearing of masks on public transport, with a strong message: “If you don’t wear a mask, you’ve got nothing.” In the UK, masks will not be compulsory in shops until July 24th.

Several stencils depicting his famous rats have been applied, one sneezes, leaving a bluish streak, another uses a mask as a parachute, while a third covers his snout with it.

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. . If you don’t mask – you don’t get.

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The London transport company has a strict policy against graffiti, and has already removed all of its graffiti; however, it is still visible on the artist’s Instagram account.