The Fluctuart project is a response to the call for projects «Réinventer la Seine». For Gérard Ronzatti, president of Seine Design and architect of the building, this reinvention requires the proposal of a new relationship with art, more intuitive and immersive.

The Seine, as an open space dedicated to all, is an opportunity to rethink this link.By proposing architectural references specific to the river, Fluctuart overturns the codes of museums and art centers.The building results from the superimposition of three different places each carrying a spatial experience that belongs only to the river.


With its large openings at the ends, the space is oriented towards the longitudinal perspectives and the string of bridges of Paris. Its architectural treatment is rich: it reveals variations of levels, paths, an interior dock. It hosts a workshop, an exhibition venue and offices.


It reminds us of what the river brings us above all: a wide opening on the sky, the one we discover by stopping a few minutes on a bridge in Paris.

These three places are served and connected by a vertical patio that goes from the Seine to the sky. At the foot of this patio, the visitor has his feet in the water as the Seine enters the building. This architectural walk is accompanied by many stairs and steps.


With its 13 glass frames on each side, it tells us about the banks of the river, opposite, as in a mirror. Its architecture is industrial and modular with its stainless steel ceiling and mobile panels. Visible from the outside, these large curtains will show another image of the building as events unfold.