For several decades now, art has been appropriating the world’s largest museum: the street. Between the embodiment of freedom of expression and societal awareness, a new generation of artists has taken over the public space, provoking a real visual revolution. The City of Paris is taking up the subject and hosting a major free exhibition on the history of the movement: 60 years of urban art in Paris.

Although its legitimacy was established by journalists and museums, urban art was born in the street. Urban art is the most important artistic movement of the 21st century. The history of art is in progress before our eyes, particularly in Paris, one of the most important scenes of this artistic movement.

Through the creations of more than 70 artists, works from prestigious collections, archival documents, on-site interventions, and off-site projects throughout the city, the CAPITALE(S) exhibition provides a rich and detailed overview of this movement and the importance of the Parisian scene in its development over its sixty-year history.

The exhibition is curated by Magda Danysz, Elise Herszkowicz, Nicolas Laugero Lasserre and Marko 93. Their extensive knowledge of urban art and its issues, as well as their complementary approaches, visions and backgrounds, make these four personalities a team that resonates perfectly with the project.

Free exhibition on reservation, until 11 February 2023.