Carpe Diem: 150 artists support research

On June 20, 2020, more than 150 artists from around the world will come together virtually in a totally new and unique event to support the Foundation for Medical Research (FMR) in France.

The goal is for the artistic community to raise awareness, support the scientific community and donate to medical research that is working tirelessly to find treatments and a vaccine for COVID-19. Since the beginning of the crisis, the Foundation for Medical Research (FMR) has committed to support no less than 24 promising research projects for a total of 4 million euros in order to better understand, stay tuned to the needs of researchers and cure COVID-19 in the weeks and months to come!

For 24 hours on June 20, more than 150 artists, street artists, will broadcast live via Instagram from their workshops, studios or the street the creation of a work. Though physically far apart, on multiple continents, we will come together to lend our talents and resources to help end the COVID-19 crisis.

As such, the artists :

  • make appeals for donations that will be collected by the solidarity kitty platform Gandee, partner of the operation, kitty already open and ready to collect donations.
  • will give away the works they have made, which will be sold through our partner Monart, a platform using blockchain technology for total ease and security of transactions (which is also unprecedented). and have in fact partnered with Carpe Diem to provide the services of their platforms free of charge, which means that 100% of the donations go directly to the MRF.

In addition to the artists’ Instagram broadcasts, their Youtube channel will live stream the performances taking place simultaneously by capturing the artists’ feeds from their Instagram accounts moving from one to the other and thus offering a representative of this global event.

In the spirit of pooling our collective resources, we believe that the artistic community through its mobilization, its unwavering generosity, the strong works it will produce, associated with donors and collectors will provide the support that researchers and the MRF so desperately need.

For more information and updates on the progress of this operation please contact either Eddie Colla or Frederic Steimer.