Fluctuart is pleased to welcome 100TAUR for a signing session of the exhibition catalog AD ASTRA PER APSERA at the Bookshop.

Born in 1982, Nicolas Giraud-100TAUR is a visual artist who lives in Toulouse. He works, tirelessly, on the construction of a dark and enchanted world. He explores the concepts of difference and imperfection, creating a lush universe, populated by fantastic creatures, hybrids of animals and chimeras, where each detail is erected in homage to the famous phrase of F. de Goya “the sleep of reason generates monsters”.

Extrait du catalogue “AD ASTRA PER APSERA”

Close to the Low Brow movement, he is passionate about the concept of monster and mythologies from all over the world: “Monstrum”, in Latin, means a miracle, an incredible thing, a wonderful, horrible or frightening spectacle: “what it is necessary to see and to show”. 100TAUR takes such a benevolent look at mythological figures that he manages to make them endearing. He reappropriates the paintings of the great masters of painting (J.Bosch, Ingres, G.Doré…), on canvases as well as on walls, drawing from fantastic literature (Poe, Lovecraft), comic books, anatomy books, taxidermy, B movies and his love for nature, fishing and the marine world.

He will perform at the Oberkampf Wall on Saturday July 3rd and will sign his exhibition catalog at the Fluctuart Bookshop on Sunday July 4th from 3:30 to 6pm.