An afterwork that will give you Cold Sweat and it is here to participate !

19h > 23h: Cold Sweat
Cold Sweat is the hot-cold ventilation of Croquant and Spectral Source. One at Business Groove, the other at … , they don’t get up in the morning, don’t do their homework at the record store, don’t train any more than anyone else. But what is that feeling?

> 23h: Blue Nano
Comes to present his first project: «Milano Torino Napoli», a warm-up of the voice known in the world of choir and opera.

This project is the first of Blue Nano and it is in this spirit that it resonates these Italian cities in intro of «Break» and «Bandido». Influenced from an early age by the surf culture, it is by watching videos mixing Kitesurfing, Wakeboard and Surf with hip hop music that he starts to take a closer interest in Rap. After spending more than 2 years in English-speaking countries, he comes back with texts in English that make up 5 of the 6 titles of the EP. The last title of the EP is in French as a return to the sources;indeed Blue Nano reserves other projects with more texts in French for 2020