The Bookshop is pleased to welcome Cyrille Gouyette for a book signing of his new book “Une street histoire de l’art : 50 ans d’art urbain révèlent 5000 ans d’histoire de l’art”. This meeting will be hosted by Chrixcel, author and street art blogger.

The book

Can the artist escape art history?
At the turn of the third millennium, urban art synthesizes all styles and techniques, mixing image and writing, figurative and abstract. While some urban artists claim references to tradition, others seem to distance themselves completely from it. Yet, unconsciously or deliberately, all of them are linked, by style, subject and technique, to a history of art that goes back to prehistory.

The aim of this book is to show, from a vast selection of artists (more than 200) among the most emblematic of the contemporary urban scene, how their works refer to the history of Western artistic creation, where each era finds its corollary in urban art. Beyond the permanence of the subjects that cross the centuries, the aim is to explain the formal codes and to decipher the artists’ modus operandi in order to show how the street artists assimilate and transcend them.

The author

Cyrille Gouyette has a degree in art history from the University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne and is passionate about urban art. He works at the Louvre Museum where he is in charge of artistic and cultural education. As an exhibition curator, he is also an artistic advisor for outdoor murals in Paris, at the M.U.R. Bastille, or in Avignon. An iconophile with eclectic tastes, he campaigns for urban art to be included among the fine arts. He is the author of “Sous le street art, le Louvre” (2019) published by Alternatives.

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