Permanent exhibition


From graffiti to street art, from young emerging artists to historical pioneers, discover the permanent collection of urban art, located on the main deck of the building.

The permanent exhibition presents a crossed vision of the various techniques and approaches of urban art through emblematic and original works by the greatest artists of the movement. This historical and thematic route is an opportunity for the public to learn about urban art and to see its major artists coexist in the same space. The permanent exhibition brings together pieces from loans from private collectors.

The route thus opens on the pioneers of graffiti, with artists such as Rammellzee, Phase2… A real dive into the rise of this controversial movement.

To extend this historical approach, the big names in contemporary street art will also be present: Banksy, Clet, Shepard Fairey, Invader…

With daily continuous mediation and regular guided tours, the visitor will be able to learn more about the history of urban art and its progressive recognition.