Fluctuart is pleased to invite the graffiti artist CRAZE for a performance and exhibition in the Bookshop by Fluctuart!



Just like his work on Parisian trucks, one of his favorite mediums, CRAZE will intervene on one or even several trucks in front of Fluctuart.
On the occasion of this performance, you will also be able to discover the artist’s work through the exhibition of small originals in the Bookshop space during one week.


From Guadeloupe where he started graffiti in 1997, to Paris where he settled in 2002, CRAZE mixes letters and characters in colorful frescoes inspired by popular culture from the 50’s to nowadays.
We find in his paintings references to comic book illustrators such as Kirby, Buscema, Stan Lee, Jim Lee, Silvestri, Ditko, Byrne, Adams… who worked for Marvel and DC Comics. But his inspirations also come from Moebius,
Japanese anime or old American post-war cartoons. Characters entangled in the letters almost always improvised around them, occupy a prominent place in Craze’s paintings, while it is very common to place them before or after the lettering in a culture where the letter predominates.
If the walls of the city remain one of the supports that he uses the most, the Parisian trucks became the one that Craze likes more with the wire of time and with the liking of the meetings. Unavoidable when crossing capitals such as Paris, New York or Athens, delivery trucks have been prized for many years by graffiti artists around the world. So much so that some graffiti artists from the Paris region have made the “camtars” of the markets (but also the others) their favorite medium. And for good reason, these large white surfaces mounted on wheels cross Paris and its suburbs while ensuring a maximum visibility to those who put their name and/or that of their team on them.
Painting a truck is also a way to ensure longevity over time, whereas trains and subways inevitably suffer from buffing in the short term.