HONline Talks │A roundtable of ambitious women

“HONline Talks”: a roundtable discussion organized by Hon: Her Online Network will be held on June 29 at 6:30 pm.

Her Online Network (HON) is a professional network highlighting “personalities”. HON values the desire to help each other, sharing and professional solidarity between women from all over the world who benefit from the strength of the collective to advance in their respective careers.

This time, the network of ambitious women is meeting at Fluctuart. On the agenda: introduction by @agathaemontecinos, the curator of “The Amazons” exhibition visible outside the urban art center, then HON City Leaders @barbsflicks and @anna_sutora will introduce HON and launch a discussion with HONneur guests – Perrine Bonafos, founder of @lesconfettis_, a media outlet that highlights women’s inspirations and aspirations, and Lindsey Tramuta (@lostncheeseland), author of the bestselling The New Paris and La Nouvelle Parisienne.

To participate, go here.