Paris Region’s cultural avant-garde is like a jigsaw puzzle. The challenge is to bring the pieces together in an innovative, immersive and unique venue: Fluctuart, the world’s 1st floating urban art centre.

Once a month, Le Piège – TCI plans to bring together 3 to 4 DJs who are making their mark on Paris and the surrounding area. The aim of these open-access events (bookings only) is to showcase the artistic diversity of the Paris region in the purest, most immersive way possible.

The arrival of the internet has revolutionised access to the arts, with artists becoming increasingly eclectic and fusions of styles at their peak. The LA TRACK evenings aim to be a sounding board for these trends.

For this first edition, we’ll be welcoming 3 artists with a funk, amapiano & UK Garage sound:

BÉ• // jazz-funk-afro // LIBRE
Keen to create a mix and match all her own, Bé sways between the music of yesteryear and new sounds, all inspired by mother earth Africa and her children from the island territories. Her musical vibe glides over you like a beauty oil, making you feel light and happy. All you have to do is let yourself be transported.

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SKI CARL // amapiano // PLURIEL
For this second set, our second DJ brings us his vision of the amapiano style. Ski Carl is a snapshot of Parisian musical diversity. Coming from a house music background, he now performs at many national festivals as a DJ for one of the leading figures in France’s emerging hip-hop scene. He is also a regular on the decks of Rinse France.

Follow Ski Carl : @ski_carl

To round off this first evening, we’re delighted to welcome one of the leading figures of today’s Parisian avant-garde. He recently set up his own media incubator, FLAW. Gouzou will be performing his first set at Fluctuart. He’ll be performing in a UK Garage style.

Follow Gouzou : @gouzou.bvg

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