On Saturday 18 September, from Sevran to Alfortville, via the bookshops in the historic centre of Paris, over 500 kilometres of riverbanks and quaysides, Greater Paris will be transformed for one evening, under the banner of the Odyssey, into the largest and most beautiful guinguette in the world, and Fluctuart is happy to take part from 5.30 pm!

In the spirit of the popular cabarets of the 19th century in the Paris region, this great festival pays tribute to the river and the waterways, but also to the living heritage that the waterfront festival represents. By bringing together a host of guinguettes, floating establishments, cultural venues and industrial sites. From electro-disco to afrobeat, from tango balls to queer performances, the guinguette in 2021 is all of this at once!

On Fluctuart you can attend a concert by the duo Plumes

The duo lightly reconciles French chanson with American country and British pop from the 60s, mixing vocals, guitars, harmonies and cajón. From romantic ballads to pop songs and energetic rock, their music is a subtle mix of light, airy and rhythmic arrangements. Skilfully juggling their lyrics as eternal lovers of words, they offer us compositions that are in turn joyful or melancholic, inspired by the observation of everyday life and evoking love, life, its joys and sorrows with humour, tenderness and sensitivity.

In partnership with Technopol and La Villette