On the occasion of the reopening of Fluctuart and the inauguration of its terrace, the art center, in collaboration with L’ATELIER JAM and the Desperados Foundation for Urban Art, offers visitors and passers-by a unique mapping program 100% Urban Art. 

Echoing the “Scratch Paper” exhibition presented at Fluctuart in 2020 as part of the 30th anniversary of the collective Le 9e Concept, the Scratch Paper mapping brings together more than 80 urban artists of all generations. Animated by 2 young motions designers, Solène Colmet Daâge and Pierre Genouvrier, their works, as numerous as varied, come to life through an original collaborative fresco, projected on the banks of the Seine over 100 meters long. From June (and for a duration of 30 minutes), passers-by and visitors will be able to enjoy this open-air mapping for free. The strength of the “Scratch Paper” project lies in the collaboration of these 80 urban artists, both established and young talents, who, by bringing together their works and their style in a colorful collage, offer an unprecedented vision of the multidisciplinarity and variety of the urban art scene. It will also be the occasion to show again the video mappings Parallax of the artists Lek & Sowat, and Time Capsule of the artist Swoon. All these works will be projected thanks to the JAMION, a mobile projection device unique in Europe, developed and patented by Ateliers ATHEM & JAM, on the terrace of Fluctuart at the foot of the Invalides bridge.

Made possible thanks to the support of the Fondation Desperados pour l’Art Urbain and the complicity of the ATELIER JAM motions designers, these animated frescoes are also an unprecedented opportunity for some artists to experiment a new medium (digital projection) and to see their works come to life in a play of colors and light.

From June 9th at nightfall on the quays of the Seine in front of Fluctuart.