On Sunday October 3rd, from 3pm to 6pm, Fluctuart and the Bookshop are happy to welcome ADOR for the release of his book “Première Matière” but also a digigraphie and a poster made especially for the occasion!


As for each of his creations, Ador invites the public to interpret the narrative by themselves. Although he first imagined a story for children, he did not forget the older ones! With his first work, Première Matière, Ador hopes that different readings – according to age, view of things and knowledge of each – will be possible. The story he delivers here could be compared to a tale or a metaphor in which he invites the reader to question the world of today.


Ador was born in 1985, he lives and works in Nantes. With drawing as a base, Ador reveals himself through connections, projects and exchanges both in France and abroad. Street artist, Ador realizes murals, collective paintings, installations, videos, exhibitions of paintings or drawings. His work in the studio is complementary to his work outdoors. He firmly believes that a rhythm is created naturally by combining mobility and creation. In his works, Ador seeks above all to tell stories by summoning the literary heritage of the parade, the tale or the fable in his stagings. But it is through caricature and derision that he conveys his offbeat vision of the contemporary world.