Meeting and signing with the artist Alberto Ruce

We will have the pleasure to welcome the Italian artist Alberto Ruce at Fluctuart’s Bookshop on Wednesday September 29th from 6pm to 9pm. He will be signing his exhibition catalog Empatia and his limited editions.

“The Empatia series is about human emotions, states of mind, which are increasingly difficult to express, to perceive and to understand. Little by little, our ability to feel emotions is disappearing, just like the images in this series. Empatia is the result of a pictorial research started in 2013 on sensory perception, related to sight and concentration, for which I use a very narrow color scale and a color palette dominated by white. Contrast is created more by alternating warm and cold colors and complementary colors than by chiaroscuro. My painting technique gives a very veiled perception of the work. My intention is to put the public in an equivocal position. Indeed, after a first analysis the paintings seem uninhabited. It is after an effort of attention that the reading of the work becomes possible. I use veils of white to conceal the emotions of the faces in my paintings, just as we tend to veil our feelings. But just as time allows us to discover the subject of my work after further visual analysis, it also allows us to regain our empathy, to perceive the emotions of those around us and to sweep away the superficiality of our connections.”