On the occasion of the Round Tables organized as part of the Sketch exhibition from 6:30 pm to 8 pm, the Bookshop plays the prolongation and proposes you to come to meet the artists for a moment of sharing during a collective signing session. We will have the pleasure to welcome Darco, Zeky and Dize who will sign their respective volume of the WASTED TALENT monograph collection.

About the artists

Zeky was born in 1975. He lives in Montreuil. He has always drawn, and went to the Gobelins school. He started graffiti at the end of the 80s. He joined the OC (Outlaw crew) in the early 90s. He has been part of the MCZ collective (Montreuil City Zulu) as well as the VBA (Vaughn Bodé Addict) founded by Orus, since their creation at the end of the 90s. During more than 20 years of day and night graffiti activities, he acquired an undeniable technical mastery, but especially he imposed a spontaneous and rich style, imposing himself to retouch his pieces as little as possible. His evolution is a permanent questioning. Inspired by his elders from New York, his style varies constantly according to his inspirations. At the beginning gifted for the characters, he knew very quickly to impose himself for his letterings indissociable from his tags. Thus, he constantly evolves in the different ways of practicing graffiti: tags, throw-up, chromes and burns. Since his first graffiti on a gray wall in the Paris suburbs in 1984, it is his constant dissatisfaction that pushed Darco to travel the world to paint relentlessly. Over the years, he has honed his style and experience to become a reference for a whole generation of artists.

For Darco, writing is a paradox, a movement that is both chaotic and structured, capable of breaking free from its own rules; an elusive phenomenon in perpetual evolution that frightens the uninitiated. This book retraces more than twenty years of wild and commissioned works, all over the world and on all types of media.

In Paris, Dize is certainly the writer with the most varied palette of styles. His dexterity for tagging and simple lettering, the diversity of his formal research on letters, and his numerous collaborations in collective frescoes are all elements that contribute to give his work a singular dimension. Unavoidable, recognized by his peers, he practices a classic but innovative graffiti keeping the soul and energy that inhabited the walls of the New York subways. This book highlights the richness of his work by focusing on his career as a writer, his graffiti production and his work on paper.