On the occasion of the Nuit Blanche 2020 and the exhibition SANG 9, the 9 EME CONCEPT collective invites you to recharge your batteries by collecting images!

SANG 9, “the art of healing the city” through the game of the hijacking of the codes of the medical universe, the artists will be present to distribute free posters specially edited for the event.

Within the framework of the 30 years of the 9th concept collective, “Vision d’Ensemble” retraces the highlights of the collective with, in particular, the exhibition “Sang9”, an allegory of art as a remedy for a suffering society.

Influenced by the current health context, the artists revisit the exhibition 20 years after the creation of “Sang9” by using and hijacking the codes of the medical universe through new and original creations, mixed with archival images, testifying to a “borderline blood” creativity.

The crisis linked to Covid-19, which has hit the planet without any distinction and which has stopped all artistic activity for almost three months, raises questions about the place of art and the role of artists. With Sang9, the artists of the collective propose to the public to take a different look at society and its future. Never before have health issues and solidarity, a value that is dear and anchored in the collective’s DNA, been so central to the world’s preoccupations.

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