Talk & Signing · Odyssée by Levalet

On the occasion of the release of “Odyssée” by Levalet, published by Alternatives, Fluctuart and Alternatives are pleased to invite you to a conference and a signing session around this new book by Levalet. See you on Fluctuart on Thursday, May 4th at 6:30pm.

6:30 pm: Talk hosted by Nicolas Laugero-Lasserre
7.30 pm / 8 pm: Book signing at the Bookshop


ODYSSÉE, a comic book written on an urban scale

“With Odyssée, the result of three years of work and back and forth between the studio and the street, Levalet offers us the first comic book written on an urban scale. Started in December 2019, this adventure could be followed live on social networks. This book is a complete reconstruction of the work. All the characters represented here were drawn in real size with Indian ink before being cut out and pasted in the streets of Paris, Reims, Marseille and London.

This story, freely inspired by the Homeric epic, depicts a young conscript from the moment he is called up to his desertion, through the many adventures, often comical, that he must face during his journey. The taste for detail, the desire to play with the context, to turn the street into an immense moving set, where the hero must adapt to all situations and all supports, form an exemplary work that is a landmark in urban art.”


Born in Épinal in 1988, Levalet studied visual arts in Strasbourg. In 2012, while obtaining his agrégation in plastic arts, he began pasting his incongruous sketches, generally made with Indian ink on kraft paper, in the streets of Paris and elsewhere. Since 2013, he regularly exhibits in galleries and participates in international events. He lives and works in Reims.

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