For Fluctuart’s new summer exhibition, we invited the artist Madame to take charge of the programming. 

Through the choice of six artists, she wanted to create a dialogue between urgency, sensitivity, mastery and fragility.

In her way of associating engravings or old documents that had little chance of meeting but which once brought together speak of what surrounds us, she wished to highlight talents that are as different as they are complementary to create a caleidoscopic vision of what seems to her to be “art”, whether it is urban or not, but always plural and touching.

Strollers along the quays of the Seine will be able to discover works created in situ by the artists Bault, Kazy Usclef, Kraken, Madame, Néan, Popay and Tania Mouraud.

Exhibition to be discovered on the terrace of Fluctuart, every day, free access.