We will have the pleasure to welcome Stan Manoukian for a meeting and signing session on Sunday 12th June from 3pm to 5pm.

Stan Manoukian is a member of the post-lowbrow generation, with extremely detailed compositions full of dreamlike creatures. Heir to Gustave Doré, Franklin Booth and Bernie Wrightson, Stan Manoukian has refined a unique graphic style using a hatching and blurring technique that produces an engraving-like effect in ink or graphite.

Today, his work is internationally recognised and has been the subject of several exhibitions and books in the United States, Japan, Australia, France and Europe. Filled with creatures halfway between extraterrestrial, animal and being of the abyssal depths, he transports us through these works in a fantastic and surrealist universe where nature is omnipresent.

During this meeting, Stan will sign his books Species volume 1 and 2, Encyclopedia of Monsters, Meelo and his sketchbook. These new editions were published in May 22 by Caurette Editions