On the occasion of the exhibition “Sketch, de l’esquisse au graffiti”, we are pleased to welcome Francois Gautret for a presentation of the exhibition HIP HOP 360 – Gloire à l’ art de rue at the Philharmonie de Paris.

Francois Gautret, curator of the exhibition “HIP HOP 360 – Gloire à l’ art de rue” at the Philharmonie de Paris
will present the exhibition, its stakes and its achievements. It will also be an opportunity to discuss the importance of the hip hop scene: from music to graphic arts, in relation with the exhibition “Sketch, from sketch to graffiti” currently on Fluctuart, organized by Taxie Gallery, curated by Valeriane Mondot and the expertise of Darco.

The exhibition

Early myths and founding stories, main actors, the Hip-Hop 360 exhibition retraces the epic of hip-hop in France, from the pioneers to the new generations. Immersive and interactive, the exhibition reflects the multiple expressions of the genre, draws on the most contemporary forms and is based on the collaboration of artists.
An exhibition presented until 24 July 2022 at the Philharmonie de Paris.

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