ROUND TABLE : ” Graffiti, from drawing to action ” with the Urban Art Federation

As part of the round tables around the exhibition “Sketch, from sketch to graffiti”, we are pleased to welcome the Urban Art Federation!

Before painting or writing in the street, graffiti artists prepare their work in secret. On paper, they draw, repeat gestures and search for new stylistic forms. These graphic sketches are the basis of their work but also works in their own right, with multiple lines and colors. From these written traces, the graffiti artists set themselves in motion and draw in the city.
How to go from paper to wall? What is the artistic part of these actions?

The exhibition offers an unprecedented dive into the secret archives of graffiti. Through more than 200 works, this event reveals a totally unknown practice of this movement: drawing, from the preparatory sketch to the work of art.
At a time of recognition of urban art by the general public and institutions, the museum exhibition “Sketch, from sketch to graffiti” provides a historical and essential response that participates in the recognition of this culture and its artists, as a true artistic movement.
Enriched with performances, in situ works, conferences, round tables, projections and tributes, the exhibition offers an intimate, generous, rich and colorful dive into a still protected and preserved part of graffiti writing and the secret archives of its protagonists.