Screening · EcoStreetArt, a project of the Urban Films Festival

FLUCTUART and the Urban Films Festival are joining forces for a new screening of the EcoStreetArt project on Fluctuart on Friday 14 April from 7pm.

The screening is free and open to all upon registration.

ECOSTREETART or How can the practice of street-art be more respectful of the environment ?

The EcoStreetArt project aims to raise awareness among professional and amateur street artists to respect the environment in their artistic practice. We know that it is urgent to act. This is why we launched the EcoStreetArt movement to raise awareness and global responsibility. EcoStreetArt, the first movement to raise awareness of the ecological issue through Street Art. Discover the work of artists such as Darren Pearson, Vhils, Scubachingon and Depielli, Saype, Seb Kraemer…


Since 2005, the Urban Films Festival is the “reference” event dedicated to urban cinema and culture. Its annual short film competition highlights the directors of tomorrow and encourages them to tell their stories through the city. Over the years, the festival has identified itself as a real talent scout.

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