For this new exhibition, FLUCTUART invites 8 artists from the urban art scene to tackle the theme of recycling in all its forms.

Old books, aluminium cans, used plastic bottles or old cardboard boxes are all elements that seem uninteresting to many of us. However, they constitute an incredible reservoir of resources for urban artists who compete in ingenuity by cutting, assembling or painting them. It is in the folds, cracks and marks of time that their imagination wanders…

Ememem, Evazésir, Jibé, Joachim Romain, FKDL, Le Diamantaire, Madame and My Dog Sighs mix elements from yesterday and today. Whether it is in a logic of respect for resources and the environment or for the evocative power of objects that have already had a history, they integrate used materials into their creative process.

A second life is offered to them and a new story is written through an original exhibition that invites young and old alike to question their relationship with objects and the environment.

Évazésir, Evol, FKDL, Jibé, Le Diamantaire, Madame and My Dog Sighs are invited to create a new work in Fluctuart.

Exhibition curator: Céline NEVEUX

Press kit of the exhibition

The public opening took place on Friday 17 March