The Bookshop is pleased to welcome Kevin Couliau for the release of his new book «Blacktop Memento» on Sunday 13 March from 3pm to 5pm.

At the heart of Blacktop Memento is Kevin Couliau’s passion for basketball and its impact on urban landscapes. With this collection of unpublished photographs, an authentic tribute to the discipline, it brings us back to the true essence of this sport in which the countless steps, jumps and rebounds operate with time an alteration on their environment.

With Blacktop Memento, Kevin Couliau undertakes an archaeological exploration and retraces an original map of roughness, grooves and nuances: so many marks sculpted by the encounters between man and matter. Blacktop Memento is an independent publication compiling 15 years of the author’s personal photographic archives.

Kevin Couliau’s first book, entirely printed and designed in exceptional French workshops applying traditional binding techniques, presents a selection of 76 unpublished shots of basketball court fragments collected around the world.

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