Fluctuart is pleased to organize a conference around the book : ” Street illusions : Trompe l’oeil et jeux d’optique dans le street art ” with the authors Chrixcel and Codex Urbanus as well as Cyrille Gouyette, who will bring his art historian expertise.

Due to health measures the event is limited to 30 people simultaneously in the Bookshop.

The book

When street art makes WAOUH !Today’s trompe-l’oeil has little to do with the one that for centuries has enamelled the history of art. After having dusted off its purely decorative hints while perfectly mastering its formal constraints, urban illusionists offer the public interactive and visual games as diverse as they are astonishing: anamorphoses brought up to date in bluffing stagings, 3D letters animated thanks to digital processes, or black holes and other polychrome vortexes that lead us into a form of meditative geometry…

After a historical introduction in which Codex Urbanus returns to the sources of this type of pictorial production, Chrixcel presents some twenty international artists who have become masters in the art of illusion and shows us how, through a rich portfolio of styles and techniques, they transcend the reality of our cities and open up new and incredible perspectives.

More information and order the book here.