TALK : Urban art, from erasure to documentation

As part of the exhibition “Sketch, from sketch to graffiti”, we are pleased to invite you to a new round table on Wednesday 8 December at 6.30pm on Fluctuart.

For this exchange, our guests will be Valériane Mondot, curator of the exhibition, JayOne, artist, Claire Calogirou, ethnologist, Lor-K, artist, and Grégory Jubé artist and curator. Moderation will be provided by the Urban Art Federation.

Urban art includes several movements and families such as graffiti, neo-muralism and street art.
In the public space, the creations are exposed and are generally left to the wind, passers-by and cleaning companies. Fragile, they often disappear with time. But beyond this fatal observation, many actors are working to preserve the traces of these productions through photographs, videos, drawings and testimonies.

What are the challenges of such preservation? What tools are used to ensure this preservation?

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