We are pleased to announce our latest collaboration with the artists RERO and Stéphane PARRAIN: “LOADING…”. This limited edition sculpture is based on the original work of the same name, created in Paris in 2019 as part of a collaboration between the artists, the Socle, the Mairie de Paris & Fluctuart. The choice of this sculpture was an obvious one, as the original work presented in the permanent collection of Fluctuart has become emblematic of the place.

“At the invitation of the 6m3 collective, Stéphane Parain and RERO have taken over for LOADING a bust representing Antoine COYPEL (1661 – 1722), painter to the King since 1716, made during his lifetime by Antoine Coysevox (1640 – 1720).

This work is part of a long-standing collaboration between the two artists. It gives rise to an interrogation by the two artists of the redefinition of codes and of our responsibility in the face of a given heritage, in relation to which a choice is made between conservation and radical change.

Their research thus revolves around questions of transmission and codes. The canons of classical and baroque statuary rub shoulders with the contemporary aesthetics of HTML on a monumental, mineral and ageless stone base. The sculpture is finished, finished and can be seen as such while resting on a paradoxical appearance, between in progress and interruption. It refers to the aesthetics of the unfinished, also known as non finito, which notably marks the work of Michelangelo and Rodin. Through a search for the essential, for what is sufficient, through the certain violence of dismemberment and dislocation, the poetry of what remains and the presence, however, as for a phantom limb, of what has disappeared is posed.
Cécile Renoult (from the book Via Negativa – Rero)

More information and reservations here via the Bookshop by Fluctuart.