The Desperados Foundation launches “Shared Impressions” and invites you to win works of art

Initiated by the Desperados Foundation for Urban Art, in collaboration with branches of the association Le M.U.R, the “Impressions Partagées” project aims to support the work of 24 emerging urban artists in 6 French cities: Marseille, Paris, Mulhouse, Rennes, Orleans and Bordeaux. 24 artists who were given carte blanche to create an original work of art printed in 50 numbered and signed copies.

In a spirit of generosity and sharing dear to the community, and to adapt to the constraints of the moment, the choice was made to offer the 1,200 screen prints to the general public via an online booking module. 

Beyond the commissioning of works, the aim of this initiative is to highlight the vitality of French urban art, its multidisciplinary nature, its local roots throughout France, its actors and its new generation of talented artists.

The Foundation is also keen to act as a springboard to raise the profile and offer additional visibility to these young creators, and has called upon Arthur Vlog, a young director who is passionate about urban art and well-known in the field. With his camera, he set out to meet the artists and project actors in each city to highlight their talent and the initiatives that bring urban art to life in France today. These 6 reports can be found on the Instagram account of the Fondation @fondationdesperados.