Can you remind us who you are and your artistic practice?

Philippe Baudelocque, 47 years old, artist, I am rather known for drawings
in black and white, with white chalk on a black background.

What is your background, how did you start creating?

I started with graffiti in 88-89, which I consider my first serious and regular artistic experience. I did it in my own way because it was mainly plastic and contextual research, that is to say, to get out of the usual framework of the genre. I had several pseudonyms of which “FUSION”, still present today.
That it is formal or conceptual, because if I had to synthesize my practice
by a word, it would be this one. At the same time I drew a lot of animals from nature.

In your daily work as an artist, what inspires you?
What is the trigger for the creation of a work?

Today I operate a FUSION between all my projects. Black and white drawings are no longer the only works presented.

What I do contains: elements of graffiti, street art for certain operating modes, rather classical arts in the invoice, contemporary art in my approach of the concept, modern art for the interiority, folk and traditional art without forgetting the first arts etc… I spend my time to assemble all these elements.

Can you explain to us the way in which you build a work?
What are the different stages of creation?

I don’t work on “coherent” series anymore, because basically it has never been my
my working method. For many years I suffered from deforming myself to conform to the existing mold. I tend to work diagonally, making a work with one technique and then, if I find a concept to express in another technique, I apply it. In the end I end up with works that dialogue in multiple ways, aesthetically, energetically and conceptually.

I use the term “decoherent” to describe this practice.
Neither coherent nor incoherent.

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