During the opening of the Pébéo-Fluctuart Urban Art Prize exhibition on Thursday 23 June, the winners of the Prize were elected by the jury. Discover them below!

Since 2016, this competition has been encouraging the discovery of talent from the contemporary and urban art scene. The objective of this urban art prize organised by Pébéo and Fluctuart is to promote the work of young emerging artists, both French and foreign. The call for entries took place over 3 months and closed on 31 March 2022, with nearly 400 participants. 25 artists from 9 countries were selected and are exhibited on Fluctuart from June 23 to August 20. The winners of the 2022 Prize are :

1st Prize: Theic

THEIC is a Uruguayan artist who is interested in figurative painting and is strongly influenced by Greek and Roman mythology; stories that depict aspects of the human condition, stories of gods created in the image of humans. These myths are about love and lust, envy and anger, violence and death. Theic approaches mythology from a contemporary perspective, challenging the canons that have been built into the story.

2nd Prize: No Luck

No Luck creates a language that forms a reflection of traditional, contemporary or futuristic writing, leaving the understanding of the work to be made by aesthetic intuition and the medium that carries it. This form of writing depicts a vision of a cosmopolitan world where different cultures come together around common words and letters.

3rd Prize ex aequo: Marine Bonamy

The universe that animates Marine Bonamy is organic, mineral and aquatic. Her line is the expression of inner emotions that are revealed through drawing as an outlet. Her artistic approach is part of a formal, plastic and experimental research of the material. His work is based on texture, superposition and movement: the pictorial retranscription of organic elements to question collective memory, guiding the viewer on an introspective journey.

3rd Prize ex aequo: Williann

Trained as a graphic designer, Williann likes to work on illustrations and murals. His tools are varied: brushes, rollers, acrylic paints, spray paint, stencils, collages… His artistic universe is a mix inspired by the black and white cartoons of the 20s and the pin-ups of the 50s, omnipresent in his work. All of her illustrations, both retro and modern, require time to observe and examine their depictions and details.

Many thanks to the members of the jury for their presence and involvement in this latest edition of the Urban Art Prize: Claude Bonnin – Alix Dionot-Morani – Renaud Donnedieu de Vabres – Matthieu Ducos – Jean-Marc Dumontet – Eric Eludut – Thérèse Eludut – Gwenaëlle Kerboul – Céline Neveux – Eric Chaveau – Patricia Chaveau – Juliette Cléraux – Nicolas Laugero Lasserre – Eva Quintard-Anslot

The exhibition of the 25 finalists of the Prize is visible until August 20th on Fluctuart.