The Fluctuart Bookshop is happy to present the Street Art Photo Project. Each month, we will have the pleasure to meet a new artist through limited editions of photos. For this first appointment, the invited artist is Agrume, he will exhibit limited edition drawings at the Bookshop by Fluctuart the week of November 10th to 14th.

Street Art Photo Project

A project born from the observation of the paradox that street artists often experience when they exhibit in galleries. Indeed, by leaving their preferred space of expression, the street, some street artists lose the possibility to contextualize their work according to the characteristics of a wall, a tree, a mailbox or even the whole neighbourhood.

SAPP’s objective is to rediscover the essence of street art, namely the production of work in urban space, whether clandestine or subsidised, and to faithfully transmit the spirit of each artist through the prism of photography. To photograph these works is to perpetuate them, to make them visible to the greatest number of people and to give everyone the possibility of living with a small piece of what urban art is. Street art is a powerful and direct vector of communication, often socially, politically or ecologically engaged. Like this movement, Street Art Photo Project had to support associations dedicated to the protection of the environment and wildlife. Like many, they have become aware of the ecological emergency affecting our planet. The opportunity is thus given to them to engage in a concrete action by dedicating an important part of the sales to the support of associations dedicated to the protection of the environment and the wild life.


He began his practice with illustration and very quickly discovered multiple horizons. Art in an urban setting is then a way to develop his work on paper, and thus, to confront and connect it to an audience. The cities and their atmosphere, the colours and the architecture are so many points of departure giving rise to a quantity of ephemeral stories. The urban practice inscribes his work more in the real and links it to society. Self-taught, Agrume paints, draws, engraves, glues and writes. An artistic practice that he conceives in its multidisciplinary nature: from a support and his experience, from the traces of time and memory, from words, images are revealed from which emerge a universe, an atmosphere. A character melts into the atmosphere, into his environment, he does not put himself forward, he exists with what surrounds him. The poetry of an image unfolds and carries an emotion as a banner. It is then that dreamlike representations, fairy-tale scenes or softness, romantic tones and melancholic atmospheres predominate.

Download the catalogue of the works exhibited here.