Meeting & Signing · Logan Hicks X Lori Zimmer X Maria Krasinski

On Saturday 15th April, the Bookshop is happy to welcome you from 3pm to 6pm for a double signing session to celebrate the arrival of Logan Hicks‘ mural in front of Fluctuart.

After a talk led by Cyrille Gouyette about the artist’s work, Logan Hicks will sign his book Still New York from 4 to 6 pm. He will be accompanied by Lori Zimmer and Maria Krasinski, authors of the book Art Hiding in Paris, who will also sign the book.

Thanks to our partners Montana Cans and Unikalo.

In March 2020, Logan Hicks began taking photographs of New York at the start of the pandemic. Throughout the summer, he continued to document the city as street life came to a halt, streets emptied, businesses closed and tourism disappeared.

The pandemic was an unprecedented time for New York City. Lives were lost and the city emptied. Logan Hicks wanted to immortalise the city during this period of inactivity. “Still New York” contains over 100 photographs of New York, with notes by the artist and author Lori Zimmer (author of Art Hiding in New York and Art Hiding in Paris).

Discover hidden masterpieces, historic artist enclaves, and iconic public art in this charming and illustrated exploration of Paris by the authors of Art Hiding In New York.
Paris is the city of light, the city of love, and the city where you’ll find more art than you’ll discover in a lifetime, and not just in museums. Nestled in tree-lined parks, preserved in world-class restaurants, inscribed on the walls of metro stations and hidden in the most unexpected places, are masterpieces worthy of the Louvre – if you know where to look!

In this whimsical, illustrated celebration of Parisian art and artists, author and curator Lori Zimmer highlights more than 100 treasures. From splendid Art Nouveau relics to the homes of some of the world’s most influential artists – including Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, and many others – to an introduction to the modern masters of urban art, there are endless riches to explore. Discover works of art hidden for decades in cafés, shops and even a Belle Époque brothel! Paris will surprise you.

Illustrated by artist Maria Krasinski, this book offers itineraries for dreaming up your next urban exploration, and is perfect for display on an art lover’s bookshelf.

Logan Hicks lives and works in New York City. In the early 1990s, he studied at the Maryland Institute of Contemporary Art and became a screen printer, before turning to stenciling under the guidance of Shepard Fairey, with whom he became friends.

Nicknamed “the painter with a photographer’s eye”, Logan Hicks focuses his work on the urban landscape to give us an almost impressionistic perception. Fascinated by architecture, Logan Hicks seeks to sublimate ordinary shots into more contemplative landscapes. In recent years, the artist has developed a metaphorical and dreamlike language exploring his perceptions of life and death, struggle and submission.
A meticulous artist, Hicks transforms his own photographs in his studio by breaking down the different levels of light, which he handles with the virtuosity of a master. He developed his “neo-impressionist” style through his precise stencilling technique, sometimes layering up to 15 layers to achieve the precision he desired. Dark, vibrant, enigmatic, his works are the result of his intelligence with colour and his meticulous control of the spray can.

He responds to commissions throughout the world, creating ephemeral and permanent walls in Miami, Baltimore, New York, Istanbul, Amsterdam, Paris, etc. In July 2021, after 9 months of hard work, Logan Hicks completed the largest mural he has ever done. Located in New York, “Tunnel Vision” spreads over 5,800 m2 immersing its audience in lush greenery that climbs up walls over 9 m high. Inspired by his photographs of Claude Monet’s garden in Giverny, this work is the world’s largest stencil mural, his masterpiece.

In April 2023, Logan Hicks will return to his stencils to deliver a new creation in Paris, on the terrace of the urban art centre FLUCTUART, which will testify to his love for France, where he likes to stay regularly.