ZOOM ON The creative process of FAITH XLVII

Can you remind us who you are and your artistic practice? 

My artistic practice is a way of constantly asking, and reminding myself of who I am. Of where we are. Of what existence were living in. Asking. Defining. Redefining. 
This can be painful or ecstatic. Comforting, sometimes uncomfortable. 

What is your background, how did you start creating? 

I come from a graffiti background. I’m a self- taught artist. I know what’s like to swim upstream, against the odds. My roots are from South Africa and for that I am eternally grateful. That is the place that has taught me profound lessons and constantly humbles me when I drift. I’ve tried (I’m trying) in my own way to carve out a life that is true to how I want to live. That means that my art making is a process of ritual, of inner transformation. That its not separate from the food I eat, from my lovemaking, heartbreak, existential questions, my feelings of hopelessness, angst as well as my appreciation for all living things. 

In your daily work as an artist, what inspires you? What is the trigger for the creation of a work ? 

I used to be so inspired and driven that I could not stop working, traveling, making. From the age of 18 I was working non-stop. What happened in the last few years, was that I started to see the need for more incubation. More consideration, a shift and deepening of practice. An appreciation for process and slowness. Less ambition, more of a personal relationship to what I’m making. 

Can you explain how you build a work ? What are the different stages of creation ? 

The classic process of creation is ‘saturation, incubation illumination’Oftentimes an image or words, will just come to me out of the blue, Or I wake up from a dream to take notes. A sentence or image wakes me up and I have to document it. Othertimes I sit with an idea for months, even years and it developes over time in the background of what I’m doing. Slowly taking shape.I have a few ideas now brewing. That I am waiting to find for the correct vocabulary and language for.  

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