From May 29th to June 13th, Fluctuart will host the PEBEO URBAN ART PRIZE exhibition, which will bring together the works of 36 emerging artists from the street art scene, discovered during the 5th edition of the MIXED MEDIA international competition. We asked Nicolas Laugero Lasserre, one of the founders, artistic director of Fluctuart and curator of the exhibition, about it.

How was the collaboration between Pebeo and Fluctuart born?

Since its opening, Pebeo, the French leader in colour for the arts, has supported Fluctuart. In addition to our common passion for art, we share many values; it was obvious to continue and develop our partnership.

What are the common values of Pebeo and Fluctuart?

We are passionate about art, we encourage its practice and wish to support artists and creation in general, in all its forms. We have the common ambition with Eric and Patricia Chaveau to allow young talents to emerge and be known.

What was the idea behind hosting this competition on Fluctuart?

We wanted to showcase emerging urban art talent from all over the world; 450 candidates participated! Among the 36 selected artists, 12 nationalities are represented, with 13 female artists.
We wanted to highlight the diversity of this movement and its multiple techniques; one of the determining criteria was street practice, in parallel with their studio work. Now we want to make these talents known to as many people as possible with the exhibition that will take place from 29 May to 13 June. It is quite unusual to exhibit emerging artists discovered through a competition in an art centre, and we are delighted to do so on Fluctuart.

Do you plan to renew this collaboration?

We are very excited to renew this award! We have many ideas for developing this partnership; why not highlight this year’s winner in the next edition? We will probably have a longer exhibition next year, to give an even bigger showcase of the emerging scene. This competition is a great opportunity to showcase the many young talents of this movement and to make them known to a wide audience.